What makes me laugh?

  • My husband's infectious sense of humor.
  • The ridiculous things that come out of the mouths of our kids on a daily basis.
  • Making mistakes (once again, on a daily basis.)
  • Cheesy, Romantic Comedies, preferably with Matthew McConaughey.
  • Our son's never ending attempts at making a good joke.
  • My crazy cat's attention-seeking antics.
  • When I look around at the hot mess of our home!  Which I absolutely love!

 "I love people who make me laugh.  I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh.  It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person."

                                                                       ~ Audrey Hepburn

There were times when the laughter didn't come as easily as it does today.  I am a hider.  Maybe you can relate to that part of my story.  There are so many ways to hide.  My hiding began as a child and food was my shield.  Maybe you hide behind perfectionism, your perfect appearance, doing and giving to others, your work, your children, your spouse or your excuses.

For me, hiding easier than dealing with anything that was too painful or difficult to face. Food was the constant that was always there for me.  Food satisfied the emotional needs that were lacking in my life.  Food was there to cheer me up and make me "feel good" when I was down.  My needs weren't being met, so I allowed food to fill that void.  Food was the beginning of my hiding and it morphed into other forms as I got older.

My most recent form of hiding was behind my children and husband, they are my world and I allowed my self-care and health to be put on the back burner so I could give them all of me to be the best mom and wife they deserve.  What's crazy is that it took a scary decline of my own health to wake up to the fact that I had let myself go and I needed to start putting my needs at the top of my priorities.


What I didn't realize was the decline in my health was attributed to food intolerances and an allergy to glycerin.  Through nutrition I have been able to heal my body and lose the 50 extra pounds that was weighing me down (pun intended, my son would be so proud).  Eating the right foods for my body was something that changed every aspect of my life for the better.  I felt better, I had more energy, I was happier, more productive, motivated, my priorities changed and my businesses changed.

Being an entrepreneur is very stressful both mentally and physically.  The stress alone can cause health problems and that's why it's extremely important, as an entrepreneur, to eat properly, exercise and sleep.  It is well known that successful entrepreneurs create a routine of healthy habits. I had the opportunity to listen to Winn Claybaugh at a conference I attended recently and he talked about owning your own reality, your energy and other people's perception.  I was so moved by what he shared on stage that I couldn't wait to purchase his book, Be Nice (Or Else).  A few sentences jumped out at me as they related to my story. "It's difficult to be nice to others when you're not nice to yourself.  And it's difficult to be nice to yourself when you don't feel good about yourself."

We can't give our best to others if we don't give the best to ourselves.  It's time for you to stop hiding and join me on a path to health and wellness.  Please take a minute to sign up for my email list so we can stay connected and I can walk this journey with you.

 Love & Health,